You're the worst developer I know

caroso1222 profile image Carlos Roso ・2 min read

You're the worst developer I know because you don't listen. You trash the juniors and don't accept feedback. You don't trust women in your team. You think you're a 10x engineer and make no effort to help grow your peers. You don't teach what you know, always gatekeeping everything to yourself.

You're the worst developer I know because you criticize every open source project but you have never made anything yourself - your ego won't allow you. You think you're superior because I do frontend and you do backend. You don't take anyone seriously when you find out they don't have a CS degree.

You're the worst developer I know because you never say thanks, never say please, never say hi, never say bye. You're proficient and excellent technically, but it's a nightmare to work with you. You do not reply to my questions when you don't know the answer; you'd rather google them and then come back to me as if you knew it all.

You're the worst developer I know because you think you deserve better just for working ridiculously long hours. You don't have an opinion but you mainsplain every other woman on Twitter. You hold on to your past success to call everyone on their mistakes. You never accept help even when you need it.

You're the worst developer I know because you trash my solutions for being too simple but you never finish your overkill proposals. You overengineer everything and call my code as not so clean. You can't say I'm right, you can't say you're wrong. You trash managers on their back, always have done so.

You're the worst developer I know because you don't inspire, you're just too negative, every single time. You force-push updates to my PRs with no feedback whatsoever. You're so perfectionist we barely release anything, even when the project needs it. You're too negative, you're so defensive, you're intimidating more than welcoming.

Carlos, this is for your future self. Save this, come back every now and then, and make sure you don't turn into the worst developer you know.


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This should be something we all read to ourselves at least once a month. Thanks for sharing!

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Evet ben dediğin gibi belki kötü bir geliştirici gibi görünebilirin, şu var ki; hiçbir bilgim olmadığı konularda insanları yanlış yönlendirip bilgisizliğimi göstererek aptal durumuna dülmektense..
Önce araştırıp diğer geliştiricilerin yolunu takip edip konuya hakim olduktan sonra paylaşmayı bırakmıyorum.
Sizler gibi bende öğreniyorum, bir yazılımcı değilim, yazılım uzmanı yada veri yönetici üyesi de olmadım
Sadece çok okuyorum ve bilgileri toplayıp yerlerinde kalmalarını ve onlara gerek duyduğum zamanlarda ulaşmak için bir iz köprü bağlamayı tercih ediyorum