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Discussion on: Please stop doing this in your resume

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Carlos Roso Author

Good point, definitely. I'll work on that and make sure we can all put up good recommendations for junior devs.

I believe everyone should be able to show something, even if junior. Maybe you were teaching assistant at uni, or have a certification, or have participated in competitions. I'll put more examples in another post. Thanks!

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🦄N B🛡

My brother usually got his "schoolwork" done in the first few weeks of class, and used the spare time to build stuff like a cryptocurrency arbitrage system and refactor it to support concurrency, all this before he even had his first job. Lots of his projects were like that.

Barely even needed a damn resume.

Suffice to say, he got a job pretty quick after school, a position that was on par with people who had already been working there for years, and is considered a technical leader by his peers.