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Asked Question In MERN Interview

Official Definition :

  • Node.js is an open-source cross-platform server-side runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, which executes JavaScript code outside of a web browser.

What is node js?

  • When we write the JavaScript code and run it in browser it runs perfectly but what if you want to run it on server(your computer) and not in some browser.
  • then Nodejs come into the picture.
  • And Nodejs give a runtime environment for your JavaScript
  • Actually Nodejs used the same engine as that of chrome browser.

It is a JavaScript runtime built on Google Chrome V8 Javascript engine.

What is Javascript runtime?

  • Javascript runtime is a place where we can execute our javascript code
  • it is like a container or enviroment where we can execute there code
  • simply we write javascript code and run into the browser then browser internally using the V8 javascript engine and give the run time environment and this engine is nothing but a program that execute your javascript code
  • but if see that browser is the place where we cana run our javascript code in the browser, but we know that internally browser using the javascript V8 engine
  • then we talk about that what is this.

What is javascript engine?

  • Javascript engine is program that execute the js code .It is like a container or environment where js code executed.
  • chrome : used the V8 javascript engine
  • Mozilla Firefox : used the Spidermonkey
  • Internet Explorer : Chakra to execute the code
  • When we talk about the run javascript to other than browser then nodejs come into the picture.
  • So we let's we talk about the
  • So nodejs is place where we can execute our javascript code it is like a container or environment where we can run our js code.
  • It is used the V8 engine to execute the js code and this engine is also use by the Google chrome browser.
  • Node js Allow to execute the javascript code outside the browser.
  • it help to build strong, scalable, secure web application .
  • It is most popular platform which used to build the backend of can also help to build the RESTFULL API.
  • The best thing about the Nodejs is that it is open source platform so if you face any problem solution is already given to the Stackover flow

When we used this nodejs?

  • When we have large data set then we used the nodejs for example video streaming apps,chat application and real-time application.

  • we also know that nodejs is also called as asynchronous event-driven javaScript runtime then we can not understand some time what is ,means that

  • asynchronous means that not a particular sequence for executing the tasks when ever the I/O is free it will execute the task accordingly

  • Happy coding

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