re: If it's Saturday and you won't be coding again until Monday, how do you get your mind off your current work? VIEW POST


My work admittedly does a good job of making sure devs can leave the office and not feel like they have to code at home—the head of engineering is actually pretty adamant about it unless there’s a very rare emergency.

I do code for fun on the weekends because it is something I legit enjoy, but I keep my fun projects distinct from work and also have a lot of other hobbies to keep me from doing too much of one thing. I think it’s good to cultivate some non-programming hobbies, just to keep things fresh; in my case it’s writing, music, and roleplaying games.


+1 to that. I've found music to be an excellent way to pass the time. Especially if there's a particular piece I'm in love with and really interested in learning. RP/Multiplayer games are also tons of fun :D

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