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NextJS First impressions

After been using NextJS for the past 7 weeks where I learn the basic at the same time that I worked in a project for my current Job here is my impressions about the framework.

My experience before nextjs

Before touching nextjs for the first time I worked with Laravel and vue (1 year), made some personal projects with nodejs (6 months - 1 year) and made a few little things with react js.

The first impression

At the beginning I feel like I was working with something similar to Laravel and inertiajs. Because I have previous experience with nodejs and react my main focus was to learn the general workflow of NextJS and start working in the project of my job.

How I study NextJS

The first things that I did when starting with nextjs were

  • Watching some tutorials and begginer step guides
  • Making and playing a little bit with an empty project of nextjs
  • Asking my coworkers for some help related to nextjs
  • Read code of projects made by my coworkers
  • Use a basic template made by my coworkers

When I say watching it's literal that, I just watched the videos with the goal of understand the basic workflow of nextjs. After that I made a little project of nextjs, just playing with some basic functionalities of the framework like the app router, folder structure, etc. Because the majority of my teammates have experience working with nextjs, they helped me when I have some questions or show me a project that have something similar for I was looking at, and from there I spend time looking at the code of my colleagues.

Thing that I like about nextjs

Here is a list of things that I like about nextjs.

  • The speed in production
  • The features that includes for default (app router, layouts, parallel routes, loading states)

Things that i didn’t like about nextjs

In the other hand there were a few things of nextjs that I didn’t like about the framework:

  • The Developer experience in the dev server of nextjs apps
  • The documentation of the framework


I will continue studying nextjs and becoming more comfortable with the framework, I’m going to share more of my experience of the framework in the near future, so we will see us the next time. Happy coding!.

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