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Discussion on: Why the heck is everyone talking about WebAssembly?

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Safia Abdalla Author

Yeah. This was one of the things that impressed me too. Multiple browser engines hopping in to support the technology this early in seems like a really good sign.

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Ben Halpern

One interesting case I've read into a bit, but I'll admit I've stayed pretty surface level with is Dropbox developing client-side compression which would be fairly infeasible with JavaScript:

It pushes client-side computing way further than ever possible before in the browser.

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Ryan • Edited

Client-side compression is a great use case, I didn't even think about that.

If a user wants to take a photo on their phone and post it to a website, they'll upload it in the default maximum resolution and then the server will have to compress it. With wasm the resizing could be done in browser and save bandwidth/data plus server resources.