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💚CapsCode Anniversary💜

Hi All,

Let's celebrate CapsCode anniversary together.

On this auspicious day, 2 years back we have started a very small community CapsCode,
with a vision to teach and help students in their journey to become a successful Software Developer & a good Human Being.
Also, we have a primary goal to teach rural area students for free and teach them some programming and coding stuffs.

In this past 2 year we have achieved a lot more than what we have expected for and also, we haven't achieved a lot what we have expected for.

We would like to share some of our achievements which means a lot to us.

  1. We guided and helped more than 1000+ students/ job seekers to achieve their goal and dream of becoming a software developer.
  2. As a freelancer we have completed 100+ client projects.
  3. Written 25+ blog post and

    🔸 Got 44k+ views on Community with 1.2K followers

    🔸 Got 5.2K+ view on Hashnode and earned 6 badges.

    🔸 Got featured in

  4. Google search console details

    🔸 4.4k+ clicks

    🔸 177k impressions

    🔸 Some of our blogs rank 1st in google search

Thats all about our success and our small achievements.

Coming to the goals which we were not able to achieve.
As our primary goal was to teach more and more rural areas students for free and teach them some programming and coding stuffs but due to COVID we were not able to reach out to the rural areas as per our expectations and we literally failed in doing so.
But we have planned and this year we are going to do something very amazing for the Rural Areas and will try our best to build some good coders from there.

Lots of people message us that they want to join our community and want to contribute towards it,
Sometimes we were able to answer and sometimes not,
So below are some of the key points that will guide you all that how you can contribute to our community.

🔸 You can write technical blogs for us, and we will post it in our website and other blogging platforms by giving you the credits.

🔸 You can work with us for our freelancing client's projects (if you meet the technical knowledge & requirements).

🔸 You can provide us a project/ client and earn.

NOTE: we are using most of the earnings from CapsCode or client project in making the coders community grow and this year we will use this to teach Rural Areas Students and providing them some technical stuffs like old laptops, Wi-Fi connectivity, keyboards, mouse, some paid software's etc.

You can also contribute to us through donation which we will use to build software developers/coders from RURAL AREAS OF INDIA.
please send us an email and our team will revert to you with all the details.

You can also become our sponsor us by clicking here

We are looking forward for your contributions.

Thats all from our side.

Have a wonderful day...🧸


Team CapsCode 💖

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