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Decentralized Apps (DApps): New Promise for Blockchain into Mobile Apps

caperminttech profile image Vivek Shah ・2 min read

While Blockchain has become the most popular technology to boost data security and widen accessibility, the promise of this technology for mobile apps could not be envisaged in proper light until the Blockchain based mobile wallets and Decentralised Apps (DApps) came. Well, while the first mainly deals with the process of securing mobile transactions and mobile payment, the later brings the Blockchain technology with the full potential of the mobile app users. This is why decentralised apps which are popularly known as DApps have become so popular a niche these days.

The promise of DAapps for mobile app developers is enormous. By allowing access to multiple blocks of information, these apps genuinely change the way mobile apps are developed. Such a distributed development process with a grid of information shared among developers brings developers the promise of far better collaboration and real-time data access. This has come as a significant boost to the development process inside many mobile app development companies. DApps are unique in facilitating widespread collaboration and access among developer teams to ease the development process and to shorten the development cycle.

Are you curious about this new breed of apps? Do you want to know the critical attributes of DAapps which came as a significant promise for Blockchain mobile app development? Let us explain two things that play a primary role in mobile apps built with Blockchain technology at the heart of things.

Decentralized storage with a cryptographic security layer

One of the specialities of the decentralized apps or DAapps is that they are neither owned nor managed by a single business organization. Having, they work with several authenticated developers and designers and does not decentralized data architecture offer any constraint in their collaboration with data-centric operation and development activities. These apps maintain cryptographic security layer to prevent any unauthentic access and data breaching.


Tokens are the other important type of Blockchain-based financial solutions with cryptographic protection for all transactional data. Just similar to significant Blockchain powered cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, these apps only work as a token or currency silently backed by Blockchain based security and accessibility protocols.

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