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How to send a file in form of a Buffer as a FormData in node.js

This is slightly modified excerpt from

import {Readable} from "stream"

import {FormData} from "formdata-node"

class BlobFromStream {
  #stream: Readable
  size: number

  constructor(stream: Readable, size: number) {
    this.#stream = stream
    this.size = size

  stream() {
    return this.#stream

  get [Symbol.toStringTag]() {
    return "Blob"

const content = Buffer.from("Stream content")

const stream = new Readable({
  read() {

const form = new FormData()

form.set("stream", new BlobFromStream(stream, content.length), "file.txt")

await fetch("", {method: "post", body: form})

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just in case anyone would be struggling with this same as me.

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