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Jetpack compose: Cool Button Click Effects

In any mobile app you use, there are ways to give the user feedback when they interact with the app.

For example, when the user touches the Toggle button, it’ll change its state in response to the interaction. This interaction gives a feel to the user.

In this blog, you will learn click effects to make your button click attractive.

By default, the button displays a ripple effect when it is touched. You can customize ripple color, alpha, etc.. according to your requirements. But we won't focus on those things. Yes, but we’ll learn a few ways to disable default ripple effects.

Here are 5 cool effects that you will learn in this post.

  1. Pulsate effect
  2. Press Effect
  3. Shake Effect
  4. Animate the shape on click
  5. 3 Ways to disable the default click effect

For detailed implementation, check out this amazing article.

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