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iOS — How to Integrate Camera APIs using SwiftUI

SwiftUI simplifies the process of creating a user interface while providing you with the flexibility to design a custom camera interface that suits your app's unique needs.

Today, we’ll show you how to seamlessly connect SwiftUI with Camera APIs, simplifying the process of creating camera apps.

We’ve focused on making the implementation user-friendly, ensuring that new or experienced developers can utilize this guide seamlessly.

We will delve into the tools and techniques that empower you to harness the power of the camera to create engaging, immersive, and interactive applications.

Table of contents

  • 1. Get Started
  • 2. Display Camera Preview
  • 3. Add Camera Manager
  • 4. Add a View Model
  • 5. Add Camera Screen Design
  • 6. Manage the Flashlight
  • 7. Manage Focus on Tap
  • 8. Handle Zoom in-out with a pinch
  • 9. Switch Between Front and Back Camera
  • 10. Capture and Save Images to Device
  • 11. Conclusion

The final presentation will include all the unique codes and be displayed as shown below:-

Integrate Camera APIs using SwiftUI

Let's turn your vision into a snapshot of success with SwiftUI and Camera APIs.

Discover more in our detailed Codes guide where you’ll learn how to attach a camera preview to your UI, covering essential features like flash support, focus control, zoom and camera switch capabilities, and the key process of capturing and saving preview images to your device.

To dive deeper into the code and explore practical examples, head over to Canopas Blog.

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