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Gestures in Jetpack compose — All you need to know – Part-2

Jetpack Compose revolutionizes UI development in Android with its intuitive and efficient approach. Among its many features, gestures play a pivotal role in crafting interactive and responsive user experiences.

In the first part, we delved into the fundamentals, covering a range of Gesture Modifiers and Detectors.

In this part, we will take our understanding of gestures in Jetpack Compose to the next level.

We will unravel the complexities of handling multiple gestures concurrently, creating a fling effect, manually tracking interactions, disabling interactions when necessary, and even waiting for specific events.

Table of Contents

  • How to handle multiple gestures together?
  • How to handle a fling effect with gesture?
  • How to collect interaction manually?
  • How to disable interaction?

How to handle multiple gestures together?

We can handle multi-touch like rotation, panning moving, and zooming on an element using a detector — detectTransformGesture or by high-level Modifier — transformable().

As you venture deeper into the world of Jetpack Compose gestures, remember that these powerful tools add finesse and interactivity to your UI. But there's always more to explore!

Dive into the practical implementation and code examples to elevate your Compose expertise and let your UI come alive with gestures.

To explore practical examples and detailed code snippets, head over to Canopas Blog.

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