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Add Flutter View to Native iOS App

Wanna learn how you can integrate your flutter project as a library or module to your existing native iOS app?

With the add-to-app feature, we can achieve it and do more!

When you want to implement any feature in both of your native apps in a short time, you can develop that feature using Flutter and integrate it into both of your apps.

You can create a single view in Flutter and then use it on both platforms as a separate module.

You can check out the official docs if you’re not familiar with the concept.

Today, we’re going to implement a simple demo application in iOS that has two Flutter pages. On the first page, we’ll show a list of users and the second screen will display the user details.

We’ll embed the flutter module in our native iOS application as a package Library.

I have divided the article into 4 logical steps to make understanding easier.
Create Flutter module
Generate iOS Framework from the module
Integrate & Embed framework into the native app
Open flutter view as UIViewController

For implementation detail, check out our blog.

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