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Add Flutter View to Native Android Application

How to integrate the flutter app into the existing android app?

Today you will learn how to add Flutter views to android native components like activity or fragment.

With the add-to-app feature, we can add flutter UI to our existing app, as it’s not always possible to migrate the whole app into Flutter all at once. We can add the Flutter project as a library or module to our Native app.

Here's what you will learn in this post.

You will learn to implement a simple demo application in android which will have two Flutter pages. On the first page, we'll show a list of users, and the second screen will be the user detail screen.

Then we will embed the flutter module in our android native application as an AAR Library.

The article is divided into 4 logical steps to make understanding easier.

Create Flutter module
Generate AAR files from the module
Integrate the flutter module into the android app
Configure Activity to make use of Flutter view

For implementation,visit our blog to read full version of this article.

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