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Laravel developers during Covid-19 quarentine be like...

Yesterday, Andrés Santibáñez shared this tweet mentioning something new that he learned in Laravel.

So... I've replied that with 🙃

And got his response 🤪

Oh boy! It was on... 😈

Then, 35 minutes later; with 31 tweets posted between us two; reaching the character limit; and worse, my wife poking me to get to bed; we reached this point:

Decided to end the thread I replied with a sneaky dd()

Then a wild Liam Hammett appeared and throw a new tweet:
(pun intended)

But the one who ended the whole conversation was Andrés with: 🏆

Well, some of you can say that this was stupid – and you're probably right. But screw it… during this #StayAtHome period during the current Coronavirus crisis, this was fun.

And the Laravel community liked it. I guess… at least Ivan (@jesseleite85) said that this was very Helpful.

PS: During all that time, Andrés was rope jumping! He's loco!

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Ben Halpern


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Zubair Mohsin

Too late to contribute? 😂

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Caneco Author

What would be your helper 😁

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Ostap Bregin

That's funny :D