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Gluon - A new Electron-like framework but with a new approach

I recently (~1 month ago) started a new framework called Gluon, which is similar to Electron in what it does (websites -> desktop apps), but with a new, different approach:

  • Uses system installed browsers instead of bundling Chromium or using webview libraries.
  • Supports Chromium and Firefox (unlike any other similar frameworks).
  • Focusing on developer experience, rapid prototyping, and ease of use.
  • Also supports Deno instead of Node (WIP).
  • Experimental/early (barely a month since first line written).


Has been blowing up on GitHub recently too (on GitHub Trending the last 2 days), gotten almost 1k stars in last few days. Very open to hear opinions/questions, thanks!

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Sriram Ramkrishna

It would be nice if you worked with the Linux App Ecosystem. We even have a conference (it's in person this year)

canadahonk profile image

Gluon supports Linux! Not really able to go to conferences atm haha.

sramkrishna profile image
Sriram Ramkrishna

yeah, that's definitely sad - and I wish we supported hybrid conferences but for some reason we aren't this year.


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