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What are examples of automated testing?

Automation testing has been embraced by many organizations for being efficient and carrying software testing activities seamlessly. Upon that, there are test automation tools and frameworks that helps in increasing the overall efficiency of automated testing activities. The automated testing team must have a well-defined strategy that can provide a detailed plan for carrying out software testing activities, regardless of how big the project might be and thus deliver within the projected timeframe. A few basic examples of automation testing will help in better understanding the working of automation. In this article, you will get to understand about test automation through the medium of a few basic examples.

*What is automation testing? *

It provides a platform through which the testing tasks are carried out automatically. Repeatable testing task can be easily automated through the automated testing platform. This testing method is known for carrying out humungous amount of testing tasks with accuracy and speed. It tests defects, bugs and other issues during software product development. C#, Ruby and JavaScript are some of the programming languages used by automation developers.

*Example of automated testing using Lambda Test: *

In this example, a website is taken into consideration for carrying out automation activities. The web pages are being automated by Lamda Test and Selenium framework is also used in this specific example. The web applications can be easily tested across platforms and browsers using Selenium, which is an open-source framework. Automated testing of web applications and websites is enabled by selenium test suite on different browsers and platforms using any programming language of choice.

A cloud selenium grid is provided by Lamda Test which is a cloud testing tool through which parallel tests can be run on an online browser platform over numerous operating systems and browsers. The remote selenium WebDriver should be instantiated instead of the local Selenium WebDriver. With the LamdaTest platform, hundreds of browsers can be downloaded and configured on your computer. Other automated testing tools like cypress automation, Katalon etc., can also be used for test automation.

** Another example of automation testing: **

When a software is being tested on the desktop or web, a keyboard or mouse is normally used to perform the steps. Those same steps are mimicked by the automation tool by using programming or a scripting language.

For example, when a calculator is being tested and the test case is that two numbers need to be added and the result needs to be seen. The same steps will be performed by the script by making use of keyboard and mouse.

Advantages of automation testing:

1. Enhanced defect detection: Detecting defects is one of the main reasons for testing software product or applications. This process is facilitated by automated testing. A broader range of tests can be analysed.

2. Testing process is simplified: Testing is an inherent component of most technology and SaaS companies. Hence, the testing process needs to be simplified. When test automation tools are used, test scripts can be reused. On the contrary, when manual testing is used then a single line of code is written each time you run the same test case. There are many effective tools such as Cypress automation, selenium etc., that can be used based on the project specific requirements.

3. Minimal human intervention: Testing can be performed at any point of time without any need for human intervention. The risk of human error is reduced through the automation process.

4. In-depth reporting: Well-defined test cases are used by the automated testing platform for various scenarios. Detailed descriptions are provided by these scripted sequences, which are incredibly detailed and can be deployed in no time.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing automation testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a professionally acclaimed software testing services company that will provide you with pragmatic automation testing solutions that are in line with your project specific requirements.

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