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Is manual testing a good choice in 2023?

Many organizations still embrace the manual testing domain because there is a certain sort of assurance provided in specific product or application development scenarios. The platform of manual testing has its tactical value in the software development process. The dynamically changing Graphic User Interface (GUI) designs are easily tested using this platform. The manual tester can easily interact with the application or product that is being developed and judge the product or application from a real user's perspective and thus conduct user experience testing more effectively.

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What is manual testing?

It is a testing method that ensures the software product or application is being developed as per the requirement specification document. The bugs and issues that are encountered are fixed accordingly. Manual testing is carried out manually with a manual tester.

Following are the key factors that depict why manual testing will be a good choice in 2023:

  1. The significance of user experience: Through the automation platform, human behavior cannot be fully emulated. For the purpose of carrying out user experience testing, manual testing comes into perspective because such user behaviors can be imitated and the software product or application that is being built is analyzed according to the requirements and needs of the users.

In order to scale up user experience (UX) activities, the platform of manual testing is required. Hence, a well-defined manual test strategy must be charted out.

  1. Small-scale projects: It is considered to be a resource-intensive process for an automated testing system to be constructed and deployed. Automated testing will have higher overhead costs when compared to manual testing. Though automated tests such as cypress automation testing is good, but, then it is resource intensive and can be used effectively in large-scale projects.

For carrying out small scale development projects, a manual test is considered to be a feasible and cost-effective option.

  1. Manual testing is cheaper compared to automated testing: Though automated tests such as cypress automation testing are valuable testing options, but, those organizations with tight budget constraints cannot go for it. As automation tests are expensive to conduct and the maintenance costs can also be high, hence, the platform of manual tests can be leveraged.

  2. Effective testing can be done: According to preset rules, the software's behavior and functioning can be evaluated through fixed and predetermined procedures by the automated testing platform. This process is carried out at a faster pace and if any customization is mistakenly not taken into consideration then it can result in minute defects getting ignored.

These defects/bugs can be removed by adding an additional layer of security through a manual testing platform.

The future of manual testing:

Manual testing is tactically significant because of its operational and modification developments. There will be a need for manual testers who are interested in learning new technologies and scaling up their testing skills. Many organizations consider those developers valuable who have a certain amount of expertise in manual testing.

Development concepts such as sorting algorithms should be learned and implemented by manual testers. Those developers who can perform unit and functional testing are preferred. Upon that, a bug-free software product or application can only be released with at least some amount of human intervention. For sustainability, manual testing is considered to be an important parameter.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing manual testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a professionally acclaimed software testing services company that will provide you with a tactical testing strategy that is in line with your project specific requirements.

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