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Laravel course project

cameljohn profile image CamelJohn ・2 min read

So, i'm a student of information systems and for the course we need to build a web based application using Laravel framework (v 5.8) for our course project.

Things I've used for this project

Scss - Black Dashboard Theme:
credits to creative-tim, looks good and I've learned quite a bit from the coding there.

ChartJS - learned quite a bit from the documentation on graphs, rendering them and their characteristics, as well as @arielsalvadordev's post here on (my first post read here), who was more than helpful on the subject.

any help on how to use more advanced functions to render the charts via php/controller would be welcome.

Things i need help implementing in my project

Laravel-Grid - a specific demand to implement Leantony's laravel-grid presented on github :

I've tried the "How to" but for some reason nothing happens.

google Calendar - for this one I will need to elaborate on the app we're building:

about the app itself

the app is for organization's that manage meetings and handle employee tasks related to specific meetings as well as an overall overview of tasks to optimize the organization's efficiency. the calendar comes into play when we want to manage an employees meetings - and possibly grab all the meeting events and details and pass them as an .ics file to that persons google calendar offsite from our app.

time picker - just a good looking time picker and none of that basic html nonsense but rather one of them clocks where you click on the hour and then on the minutes.

a mailing service - possibly mailgun or something else

all of this needs to be laravel/php compatible.
I must say I've rendered the grid using a controller and some functions rather than using JS since the data passed to the charts needs to be coming from the DB itself (phpmyadmin/MySQL).

the app itself has a robust set of models, model-relations, controllers and so on.

any help would be welcome.

thank you for helping me make my first steps into the web-dev community.

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