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Web3 and Business Requirements in the 21st Century

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Recent global events have led to the refinement of what it means to operate a business in the 21st century. A lot of changes have taken place since the feats of ingenuity achieved by Nikola Tesla and other engineering minds.

Digitization of organizations and their processes is a very new concept. For example, Cloud technology has not existed for a long time. It’s application in modern contexts was first observed in 2006. Only a few years after that, a new digital medium of payment, Bitcoin, would be introduced to redefine the financial industry.

Every business needs to create new ways of surviving in these trying markets. As new distractions arise each and every day, more organizations are finding it increasingly more difficult to differentiate between good resources and cost centers, disguised as profit centers.

Organizations need new ways of not only surviving but also shaping the future so that they may carve their objectives into reality in the new era of Web3, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and black swans.

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