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The homepage header effect looks awesome!

Overall, super clean. Just a few personal opinions:

• The blade below the homepage header, where it lists "Front-End," "Back-End," and "JavaScript" feels a little underdeveloped. Maybe add some lines between each paragraph to give it a more defined, organized look.

• The other pages could use a little more flavor, they feel a little bland to me. Maybe add some pink highlights to the title's of each page, color the text, underline it with pink - Something like that to help make it a little less basic (especially since the homepage title/header is super sick!)

• Add a "Home" option to the page-menu in the top right corner, some people (old people) might not know to click the logo in the top left to get back to the homepage.

Again, take these with a grain of salt, they're just my stuck-up suggestions lol. Overall it looks really good man 🤘😤🤘


Excellent points, thanks for taking the time to give some feedback! I totally agree about the touchpoints, it's been bugging me as well.

I've added a home link, and I'll work on the other feedback for the next version.

Thanks for taking the time to help, Gage!

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