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Gage Henderson
Gage Henderson

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Advice for creating a Portfolio Website With Little Experience?

I have only been in the tech industry for a little over a year now, working as a web developer which I love. I'm hoping to create a personal web site to show off all of my work, previous jobs, and experience. The only issue: I don't have too much of any of those.

Does anyone have any advice for someone new to the industry, trying to create a portfolio website? What are some do's/don'ts? Should I link some of my github projects?

Although I am still somewhere in the novice to intermediate skill range, I feel extremely capable of handling any development challenges thrown my way, as I have been facing a constant stream of them since I first got employed (as an intern, now a full time developer.)

I am hoping to use the portfolio website to sort of "legitimize" myself for potential future employers, but more so - potential clients for freelance work.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Emmanuel Villalobos

I have more experience but anyways I have the same doubt. This weekend I wanted to finish my website but wasn't sure about the content it should have.

I hope more experienced developers give us some advices about this.

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Ravaka Razafimanantsoa • Edited on

Have been a software engineer for 9 years, still have no portfolio. I only show websites that are in production (or hopefully in the Wayback machine

For private websites, I only briefly describe them.