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A very humble pitch about Design Thinking for developers

Even if you are a developer who is not familiar with "Design" like me, you probably overheard topics about design thinking.
I asked it to a UX researcher friend of mine.
I said "Please give me a very short explanation about Design Thinking. I don't need something perfect and academic."

She began with showing these 2 web pages.


Why Design Thinking?

Why we should use design thinking?
Because we want to make innovative products.
Okay, what is "innovation"?

Everybody has their own definition of "innovation".
But, we should follow the definition by IDEO in this context.
Because they coined the phrase "Design Thinking".

Below is definition of Design Thinking.

Fig1: what is innovation?

This kind of innovation satisfies 3 conditions.

  • Feasibility: We can make it!
  • Desirability: Someone wants it!
  • Viability: We can make enough money by selling it!

The Process of Design Thinking

Next, we should follow this process as below.

Fig2: Diverge & Converge

  • Divergence: A team increases their number of options.
  • Convergence: A team selects an option from the options they created.

Any process should have this structure.

Mindset of Design Thinking

People who are in a design thinking context, even developers, have to have a mindset of Design Thinking.
What is the mindset?

Fig3: Mindset

  • Inspiration: an inspiration should influence ideations.
  • Ideation: an ideation should influence implementations.
  • Implementation: an implementation should influence inspirations.

Of course this loop is perpetual.

that's all!

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