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So, my friend (who shall remain unnamed), has an idea and has asked me and some other high schoolers if they want to help out on it. I wanted to get some advice/opinions on what everyone else thinks of it.

I won't go too deep into the details of the startup idea but think of it as if it's an Airbnb for processing power. The idea is to open up your computer for others near you to connect to it via a P2P network and run any heavy processes they needed to run on your computer, allowing them to do other things without their computer crashing. Let me know what you think of this idea.

So, to build it he was thinking of either building it in Python, Javascript, or C++. We're probably not going to go with C++ because most of us in the group do not know C++, but let me know what you think we should build it in.

Honestly, it's not an idea I'm too crazy about, but something I'd be willing to set aside some time to work on.

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  1. What problem is it solving and who for?
  2. Has it been done before?

I agree. There is one company that had a similar service like ours, but we found that they don't use a P2P network, but instead some other kind of network that I can't remember, and my friend said it was higher latency than P2P. Not sure if it would solve major problems because these processes could be run on an EC2 instance which is more secure, and also that a lot of people may need the service.

Thank you for the insight!


Great question.

Any startup ideas should answer these questions before hands on


Build it in whatever your team is most familiar with.


Thank you for this. I am not the one who came up with the idea, nor the one who will decide how it works, but I will definitely pose these questions to him. Thanks!

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