What was the first thing you did with a programming language that made you happy?

calebpitan profile image Adepitan Caleb ・1 min read

I will start. In my early years of learning I wondered a lot how the web works.

The first thing that really made me happy was creating an hyperlink to my facebook page for people to like.
I put it on a dummy blog site I was using to practice HTML.

Feel free to tell me yours


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I made a game called Colour World using Game Maker 6. It was about an orange robot who went various colour themed worlds, shot swirling colorful orbs at colourless enemies, and collected colorful money to spend at the shop on upgrades and new areas.


For me it was some animation with rectangles in BASIC after being taught at school about loops in one class and about drawing functions in another.

This automagically brought me hope that possibly video games are made by programming. 😀


solved the in-game video game puzzle for the pinball I always played in the arcade hall. Did that by running simulations of possible moves and learned recursion and backtracking on the way. First my computer science teacher liked my enthusiasm, not so much any more after he found out what for i was doing it ;)


I made a guess-the-number-I’m-thinking-of game in QBASIC.


I wrote a console app with Python and PyGame to build a mosaic from an input image and a collection of "tile" images.

It worked from top-left to bottom-right, so as the pool of available tiles diminished, the accuracy got quite bad. But it felt like the first "useful" thing I coded.


QBasic explosions by drawing circles in a loop which increased the radius.


My first "hello world" application in college. It was written in C++ and I had never coded before.


I did lot of different things, but the ones I enjoyed the most was probably a "WordPad"-like application, and a Music Player (with playlist support and equalizer)


Generating a chess board with php and html. Really felt that I applied and integrated some concepts which floated somewhere abstractly previously.


Automating repetitive tasks using VBA. 🤓


That's cool. You guys had a more expert experience than I did


This is going to be weird but I might have kinda sorta made a C++ app back in the early 2000's that constantly refreshed the Neopets website in order to get free stuff.

I got banned a day later.