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I Built a Linklog

In the spirit of Daring Fireball and to fill a space between a social post or boost and a full blog post, I’ve created a new feature for Hearthside that allows me to share a link to a web page that I want to share along with some brief notes and, usually, a quote. It’s similar to social bookmarking, linklogs, content aggregators, etc. I curate a set of links I enjoy online, write up a little blurb about them, and publish to the new Linked section of my site.

How I built it

My Linklog is built around a Link model, which you might have guessed easily enough. I previously had a different app that I used to store a searchable history of articles I’d read and might want to be able to recall something about, hoping I’d eventually have a Memex-style personal knowledge base. That fell by the wayside, but I was able to salvage the schema for this feature. In addition to the “necessary” fields, the schema includes several things that I probably won’t ever expose, but which I figure I might...

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