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Avoid Services that Don't Make it Easy to Get Your Data

Like everyone, I use a lot of apps and services for various things. I’m writing this article into Notion right now! I’ll probably check Mastodon in a few minutes. I’m sure I’ll use other apps before the end of the day like Streaks, Reeder, The StoryGraph, Overcast, Serializd, United, and Parcel.

Something that I’ve been starting to evaluate about a lot more about new apps is whether they let me extract my data easily. As I work on my /now page but even before then I’ve been looking at a lot of apps, especially ones that I use for tracking explicitly but even those that I know are implicitly tracking some of my usage, I’ve been very interested in how I can get that data out of those silos and into my own site.

Lately as I look at a new app and consider whether I want to use it, one of the things I check before I commit to using it is whether it is easy to extract the data I’m creating in that app. I think about whether there’s an API I can use to pull data. I look into whether that’...

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