Question: How do I deal with environment variables in production?

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So I was checking the source code (in browser) of some of my projects and I discovered that even though I used environment variables to store sensitive information I could still see the values when rendered in the browser, meaning that my values are injected during runtime, hence still makes my projects vulnerable. How do I deal with env variables in production so that no one will see the values when the page source is viewed?

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in my experience i use netlify, and there is usualy an option to add environment variables via some sort of command after deployment. Same with heroku, and i suppose same should be true for other services aswell.
there are some posts here aswell on this topic


I'd say don't use it on front-end, for starters. Also, you are doing front-end and there's need for sensitive information on it, you are kinda doing it wrong..

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