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Discussion on: ⭐️ The Open Source Alternative To Notion ⭐️

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The main security (privacy as well) issue in notion is that your content is not crypted and is inserted in their db as clear as you wrote it.

The main mobile issue I see is that it doesn't have an offline mode.

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When's the last time you checked on that?

As far as I know Notion is fully encrypted and as safe to use as any documentation tool out there.
Nothing of course is 100% because anyone who thinks that is just a hacking case waiting to happen.

As for offline mode, i guess that's an issue for some, but i get the feeling most people using Notion are connected 24/7.

note: i am not on their payrol lol, i just love the product and have had no issues with it in the 2+ years i've been using it.