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Always remember that you have more time.

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The world is in a situation that no one ever predicted. The majority of countries are on some form of lockdown, job security is non-existent, and the economy is taking a massive hit! I, like many others, am trying to make the most out of a bad situation by improving on my skills and knowledge while isolating, but you can also take this time to reset.

I have a constant battle with myself whenever I decide to take some time to relax as I feel like I could be doing something so much more productive with my time. I love to play video games, watch movies, exercise and socialise, but all of these take up time which I feel like I should either be improving my skills or just generally being more productive. I feel like this because I constantly see other developers on social media creating amazing applications, fantastic front-end designs and well thought out code snippets, and I feel like I should be doing the same. This isn't true though!

This is why my thoughts come back to the pandemic that is happening across the world right now and the fact that with time, we will all get through this! We all need to remember that we still have so much time to do things in life and that each and every person will be at different points of the journey. It's okay if you want to spend a day relaxing and playing video games. It's okay if you want to binge Netflix. It's okay if you want to spend the day outside with friends (when we are out of isolation). If that makes you happy then just do it, you'll always have other time to work on yourself. We are people, not machines, and people do burnout.

Take the time that you've been given to reflect on where your life is going, what makes you happy and what you can do to be even happier, and focus on that!

I hope you enjoyed reading the thought process that I turned into a blog post, I'm off to play video games so if you want to hear more from me make sure to hit me up on Twitter @callam_woolgar.

Stay safe, happy coding!


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