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Tools for creating shell command in PHP

I had to create a cli tool that reads excels file and push each row data to a web service.

It has to be called once a day using linux crontab.

Usually I create such software (middleware ?) from the scratch in PHP that is already present in the server.

I got many of these custom client applications and I would like to create a more structured application using a framework.

I tried Symfony console and it works, but I'm not happy.

I have 12 Mb of php scripts in vendor folder and 50 Kb of my code: an elephant that produce a mouse.

Moreover the server has php 7.0 so I have to use an old version on the framework (3.4).

When I will upgrade the server (next spring I suppose) I have fear to upgrade the framework to a more recent version (5.1) with a completely different logic.

What shall I do?

Any suggestion for a lightweight framework for a php cli command?

Thank you for your patience.

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You can make your own framework. If you don't have any special need it should not be that hard.

Here is a good series of articles that talk about lightweight cli apps in php.

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Claudio Fior • Edited

Thank you for your useful suggestion.

The funny thing is that I wrote 24 Kb of code and used 15 Mb as libraries.

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