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An inspiration for web design: Where you can go and a career based on maisyleigh

We use you tube a lot in our day-to-day life, many of us can use it to rest or look for answers and tutorials of all kinds. During my time on you tube, I came across a very special channel called maisyleigh, which deserves the attention of all those programmers looking to get inspired.


In any career it's good to have goals set. Knowing where we want to go helps us make plans and gives us a better sense of what we should learn and how to do it. However, in programming it is not always so easy to find a model to be inspired by, as there are few programmers who actually demonstrate their development process.

Although there are many tutorials, in the most diverse fremeworks, there is still a lack of in-depth content on creative and development processes that transcend technology. Fortunately for English speakers and web designers, today I bring someone who inspires me and can inspire you too.



maisyleigh talks about various subjects in her videos and shows her development process, but in general, she discusses how to find inspiration to make unique sites. However the most important is in the way she conveys her ideas, at the end of a video, even if you are not a web designer, you will feel inspired to program.

However if you are really looking to be a web designer maisyleigh's content is a great example of their profession on a spectacular level. If your goal is to change people's lives with your work, expect to receive a class with some videos from this channel.


In my experience, web design is highly valued in the job market, many front-end developers manage to make a website, code, but it is the web designers who make a website unique.

I don't mean that the two professionals should compete, many web-designers, including maisyleigh, also program and do the work of the front-end developer. What I mean is that they are technically different services.

In theory, it's as if the web-designer is an architect and the front-end developer is the engineer. Large companies understand that both are necessary for the effective and rapid development of a given technology.

But the fact is that the market misses web-designers, especially those who also know about the technical part of development.

see video reviews here (portuguese):

see video reviews here (english):

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