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Discussion on: "P" is for PHP

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DaNeil C Author

Thanks for asking. No, I am not using it and I have not gotten it to work for me with my current server computer set up.

That being said, I'm no PHP expert but in theory the SplEnum class should be available. SplEnum is part of the Standard PHP Library (SPL) that is available and compiled by default in PHP 5.0.0 and PHP 7 that I set up for this project should be backwards compatible.

The PHP manual on spl-types mentions that the extension is experimental and from what I can tell the SplEnum is part of the PECL extension that is not bundled with PHP and it needs to be installed to use the Spl specific classes.

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Аqua 🜉іtæ ℠

TQ 4 TQ.:) Thanks 4 reply.This weird word PECL u can find @ 30% of PHP Library Docs (more useful example So PHP want u to learn a little bit of a compiling stuff as well. BTW, nice 2 reach out wonderful self-motivated people.