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4 Trivia APIs 🧐 (no API Key required!)

Free and easy-to-use trivia APIs for your web development projects!

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Learning to use an API is a fundamental web developer skill. Sometimes, however, understanding how to read API reference guides and documentation, how different endpoints work, and how to create and use API keys can be challenging, especially for newbies. But have no fear! With this list of trivia APIs, you'll find easy-to-use options that require no API key and are stuffed full of fun trivia questions.

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Open Trivia Database API

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The Open Trivia Database API contains user-contributed trivia questions with over 4,000 verified questions and much more pending. A request to this API gives not only trivia questions but the correct answer, other incorrect answers, the category, and the difficulty of the question. Also, the site makes it easy to generate an API request URL without navigating the documentation, as shown below.

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jService API

The jService API is formatted in a Jeopardy-styled fashion. A request to this API gives an answer, question, value, air date from the actual show, category, and more. The documentation for the API can be found on Github. Also, the site makes it easy to click a categorized link and get an API generated URL with the response.

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The Trivia API

The Trivia API is subcategory-based and can be used to create multiple-choice styled questions. The questions can be filtered by category, difficulty, tags, and region/country. Best of all, the site comes with a query parameters form that will generate a URL for you, as shown below.

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Numbers API

The Numbers API is based on, well, numbers! This includes trivia facts about math values, general numbers, dates, and years. The site makes it very easy to understand how to make an API request based on the trivia you want, as shown below.

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With this list of APIs, there are unlimited opportunities to create fun and engaging websites, games, apps, and more! Happy coding! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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Courtney Yatteau, a Developer Advocate at Esri, wrote this article. The opinions in this article are solely Courtney’s opinions and do not necessarily represent the postings, strategies, or opinions of her employer. If you have any feedback, please like and/or comment. Also, you can contact Courtney through Twitter if you have any questions or comments that you’d prefer to send privately.

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