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My Favorite Free Courses to Learn Design Patterns in Depth

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; I may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

image_credit -...

Frontend Web Performance Checklist

Improving performance of web applications will always be sexy. We want the page to load faster, smoother, and without too many layout shifts (Core Web Vitals, I am looking at you 😉). In this article I...

Celebrating Novu @ 20k Stars

Not every day do you see a GitHub repo surpassing 20k stars. So I'm proud to announce that we are now 20.2k stars as of this writing!

We are incredibly thankful to the developer community for...

[Nestia] Boost up NestJS server much faster and easier (maximum 20,000x faster + tRPC similar)


As I've promised in the previous Typia Series Articles (, I'll introduce you my new library nestia, which can make NestJS much faster and easier.

With my new library nestia, you can...

Learn serverless on AWS step-by-step - Authentication


In this series, I try to explain the basics of serverless on AWS, to enable you to build your own serverless applications. With last articles, we learned together how to create Lambda...

LeetCode - Divide Two Integers

Problem statement

Given two integers dividend and divisor, divide two integers without using multiplication, division, and mod operator.

The integer division should truncate toward zero, which means...

Choosing Go when Building Lambdas

So you've decided to build your first or your 500th Lambda function with AWS. Congratulations! That in and of itself is a great decision that will set you up on a solid foundation for operational...

Seguridad en Golang

Cómo escribir código mas seguro en Go?

En esta ocasion, vamos a ver funciones de hash y de cifrado/decifrado con su principal diferencia. Como bonus, una repasada a las funciones pseudo aleatorias...

Concurrencia en Golang IV

|1. | Modelo de concurrencia
|2. | Goroutines y canales
|3. | Wait Groups
|4. | Select y Worker pools
|5. | ErrGroup (error groups)

Para qué sirve select en Go?

Bueno llegamos a la cuarta entrega,...

POng is Not pinG.

I created the pong command in Go language.

See below for a run-time image.

This command was inspired by the existing awesome pong command.

That awesome pong command was created by kurehajime.


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Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @javinpaul , @jacobandrewsky , @unicodeveloper , @samchon , and @pchol22 🙌.