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Symplify - hidden treasure for symfony development

accidental i stumbled upon this great gems created by tomas votruba. i have only tested SmartFileSystem so far but this gem really helped me out working on my pull request on twigcs.

It also fixes WTF behavior of Symfony\Component\Finder\SplFileInfo. Which one? When you run e.g. vendor/bin/ecs check src and use Finder, the getRelativeFilePath() in Symfony now returns all the relative paths to src. Which is useless, mainly with multiple dirs like: vendor/bin/ecs check src tests both containing file Post.php.

quote from

also have a look at his blog, there you also find things to read which maybe interesting for you

the following text is copied from and lists up the cool tools/packages/bundles tomas created:

Coding Standard Utils

Symfony Utils

  • AutoBindParameter - Auto bind parameters for your Symfony applications

  • AutowireArrayParameter - Autowire Array Parameters for Symfony applications

  • Autodiscovery - Forget manual registration of translations, templates, mappings and routes in Symfony Application

  • FlexLoader - Keep your Symfony Kernel slim again and let FlexLoader load all the configs

  • PackageBuilder - Speed up your package DI Containers integration and Console apps to Symfony

  • SmartFileSystem - SplFileInfo on Steroids

Maintainer Utils

CLI Utils

  • SetConfigResolver - Loads configs to you with CLI --config, -c, --set, -s or sets parameter

Migration Utils


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Thank you! Great post!