re: Java 8 added anonymous / lambda functions, to easily define functions for e.g. EventListeners, without specifying a class and overriding a specific...

"Multi threading is a hard effort."

I'll agree with that. If you're really interested in concurrent and fault tolerant systems Elixir or erlang are worth checking out.

The erlang virtual machine supports the actor model as a foundational design and is time tested. They both enforce immutable data structures as well.

Go and Kotlin also tout abstractions that make it easier to deal with concurrency.

As someone that uses Java daily, I'm just saying - I don't see it. I don't see why it's so special anymore. It was special and useful and productive at a certain time period, but in my opinion, that period is gone.

There are better Java's than Java and there are plenty of other alternative modern languages that are very well designed.

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