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How to do usability testing when building your smart module on the Hyperverse

What is the Hyperverse?

Hyperverse provides a decentralized path to monetization for contributors. You can contribute by making smart modules that others can use. If you contribute to, or stake on, a fee-based Hyperverse Smart Module in any capacity, you can sell or collateralize your future income represented by an NFT (Non-fungible token).

Why does testing matter?

With smart contracts you usually won't have that many do-overs or any if at all. When a smart contract is deployed it is in most cases immutable. So you want to make sure that your code works as intended.
Building your smart module on the Hyperverse is useful as you won't have to pay thousands of $ to get your code audited. There will be security auditors who will do it for you to ensure that your module is secure and ready to be deployed on the blockchain you have decided to use.

How to get started

Step 1 Click on this link and follow the setup instructions.
After setup and running the app, you should see something like this.

Image description

Step 2
Go to 'Playground' on the left side of the screen and choose a module to play around with and see how it works. You can also watch this video to get a feel of how it works.

Step 3
Start setting up your own module in the same structure like the ones available in the Hyperverse and you will be able to use your UI Harness for your module to see if your code works as intended.

Image description

UI Harness:

Image description

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