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What I built

Category Submission: COVID-19 / Business Engagement

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are severely affected. Essential businesses such as grocery stores and Pharmacies are open but run the risk of spreading the virus with more people on site. So myself and @ikreatecode (Emaz) developed an eCommerce system which allows business to sell their products through an app, which would then be delivered or allocated for collection at given time. Not only will this help reduce physical contact and spread of the virus but also offer customers the ease of shopping through their mobile devices and help keep the business running.

This implementation gives the flexible to run any kind of eCommerce with Mobile application for customer and API for scalability and are proud of what we were able to achieve in tough circumstances.

Android Application is created for clients to view and make purchases through. The data and the logic is implemented in a Laravel API. Application can be adapted for any eCommerce business but here we have implemented a food ordering application.

Demo Link

Demo Video

Link to Code

We decided to split the front end code and backend code into separate categories

Front End Code:

Backend Code:

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

Java & PHP are two of our strongest languages, so it was a lot easier for us to get started with.

  • Android Studio / Java
  • Laravel (Passport) - API
  • Twillo WhatsApp API
  • GitHub / Heroku

Additional Resources

Database Design

Entity Relationship Diagram

Testing with Postman



Because of our ongoing academic studies, we wen't able to commit to this project but it was fun and we are very happy to have participated in one of our first hackathons.

Feel free to leave any comments and we are open to any suggest or improvements that you may have.

Discussion (2)

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David Pereira

Just noticed you have a typo on "how i built it" for GitHub. Also, participating is always an achievement so great job 👍👍

bywaleed profile image
Waleed Author

😅I was actually just editing the post, so thank you for mentioned the typo.
Also, yes, I am grateful to have been able to participate and had the opportunity to work with Emaz (@ikreatecode ). Thank you 😊.

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