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What language/framework do I need to learn to build user registration?

Hi all. Please pardon my stupid question, but I'm still learning front end, so everything about the back end is mystifying to me.

I've built an app for learning purpose, but it's just occurred to me that one day I'd like to integrate user registration and authentication into it. So what language/framework/platform do I need to learn? Laravel, Mongdb,, AWS or anything else?

I don't mind anything, but it's be a plus if it can integrate well with React or Vue, since it is what I'm more familiar with.

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Afif Sohaili

imho the easiest to start with is the platform you're building on top of right now. Learn the concepts around auth (Basic auth, JWT, oauth, etc.). Once you have grasp the concepts, they can be brought to any backend language you want, all of them should have these auth libraries.

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Trang Le

Thank you for the very sound advice.


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