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Manage issues with hundreds of comments

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Issues are a wonderful way to see where your project needs to improve, but what do you do when an issue has more than 20 comments? Or maybe a hundred?

They are daunting to read for newcomers. Even if you are an active participant, it may be hard to remember what it is all about. Heaven forbid that you come back to this issue after a vacation.

Do long-winded issues like that have overstayed their usefulness? What do you do with them?

  • Split into smaller issues and close this humongous banter? But are you sure you are not missing any important points raised in the comments?
  • Convert it into a discussion? But how does this make things more manageable?

This action will check for the most reacted comments in the issue and add them to the issue's original body with corresponding issues.

You can specify the maximum number of reacted comments to display.

Say goodbye to trawling through walls of text to get the gist of a issue. Happy coding.

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GitHub logo bytrangle / most-reacted-comments

Collection of Github workflows to make the lives of open-source maintainer easier

Get mosted reacted comments

A simple workflow to make long-winded issues more useful. It checks for the most reacted comments and add them to the issue's original body



What does this action do

  • It is triggered on comment creation or deletion
  • Get the issue number that contains the comment in which the action is run
  • Get a list of comments for the given issue
  • If the number of comments for the issue is greater than a certain value, create a list that contains all comments that receive at least one reaction
  • If list length is greater than 0, rank the comments by the number of reactions they receive, in descending order.
  • Only take the X most reacted comments. This X value is defined by the action user.
  • Insert these comments into the issue's body.


An example workflow to use this action may look like this:

name: Display
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Additional Resources / Info

This action is looking forward to be used by thoughtful open-source projects. If you are a maintainer of such projects, what are you waiting for?

[Note:] # (Be sure to link to any open source projects that are using your workflow!)

[Reminder]: # (Submissions are due on December 8th, 2021 (11:59 PM PT or 2 AM ET/6 AM UTC on December 9th).

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