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Top 5 reasons to not work on any projects

Everyone aspires to do amazing projects and tries to impress everyone with those projects. But why should you not do any projects?

Here are the Top 5 reasons to not work on any projects

So let's get started!

Let's get started!

Reason 1: Doing projects is hard! Rather not do it at all!

I give up on projects before even doing them. Why to waste my time on a thing that is hard? I'll rather continue doing the same old things which I please to do.

Doing projects is hard indeed!

Reason 2: You shouldn't do projects so that you can have a noob resume

Don't do projects so that you can have a very noob and basic portfolio/resume having nothing other than your degree certificate

Reason 3: To be in the tutorial loop forever

Why do projects when you can watch tutorial after tutorial and keep on doing whatever the guy making the tutorial says and follow them blindly? A very captivating reason indeed! Yes sir!

Reason 4: Don't do projects to have zero confidence in yourself and in your skills

Taking up a project, doing it, and finishing it gives you confidence in yourself and in your skills. But that is exactly what mustn't be done!

Reason 5: Don't do projects to not learn things faster

Why learn faster by doing projects when you can just do it at your own slow pace and especially when it's said The learning process must be slow and steady for everyone to grasp it easily. Another captivating reason! Yes sir Yes sir!

Reason 6: Doing projects makes you an expert in your field!

The reason is fine, but who actually said it? Absolutely NO one. So it is something you absolutely mustn't and shouldn't do!

And finally, don't react to this article, don't comment your views in the comments section, and don't forget to not do any projects!

Hoping that you are convinced to NOT work on any projects now!

Also, don't join the ByteSlash Community to NOT work on amazing projects with a supporting and fun community, and let's not connect!

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