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We're accepting story submissions πŸ“

signalnerve profile image Kristian Freeman Originally published at ・2 min read

We'd love to publish your work on the Bytesized Code organization (and on our self-hosted blog)! We're always seeking out new stories about things that you're learning, new frameworks, development methodologies, or whatever else you think our audience would enjoy.

We try to publish a few times a week. That means that if you submit a draft and we accept it, it often gets published within the next week. We're pretty quick!

We also don't hold any copyright or make you sign away any of your work. Bytesized is built on the back of open-source: we have that same ethos when it comes to writing. Link to your own site, or your Twitter, or whatever seems right for the story–we're happy to work with you and keep your writing, your voice, and your content as you'd like it to look!

We don't have a ton of requirements, or "rules" around publishing, but here's what we ask our contributors to think about before submitting a draft:

  • If your piece has been previously published with another publication, please confirm that you're allowed to post on other publications. If you published on your own website, blog, or Medium account, you're welcome to link back to your own work.
  • We're OK with profanity, humor, etc – that being said, we won't publish things that are discriminatory, or are unnecessarily rude against other people, programming languages, or communities. It should be pretty common sense - that being said, you may want to double-check out our Code of Conduct on GitHub.

If you have an idea for a draft, reach out to us at blog AT bytesized DOT xyz. We'll make sure to add you as a contributor on, and on our self-hosted blog (running on Ghost), so you can put in your draft. Once it goes through some review, we'll let you know when we're planning on publishing. Don't worry – we'll give you a specific publish date, and make sure that you know when it goes live.

The publication process involves the following:

  • Posting on
  • Cross-posting on our self-hosted blog
  • Tweeting about the post, as well as sharing on our newsletter
  • Sharing the post in any additional places that we think it would be a good fit, such as Hacker News, or a subreddit for a particular language (like /r/reactjs)

The details around how to post will probably update frequently, but instead of getting bogged down in the details, you should just submit a post! We'd love to learn from you alongside the rest of our community. If you have any questions, reach out on Twitter to @bytesizedcode or to me personally via DMs, or via email: blog AT bytesized DOT xyz.

Happy writing!

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