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Noteslify Joins Hacktoberfest!!! Open-Source Alternative to Evernote.

Hacktoberfest 2022 has started! We're super excited about joining
Hackberfest and meeting open-source contributors! 🤝


For those who aren't familiar with Hacktoberfest, it's a month-long online celebration for open-source softwares and communities. The first 40,000 participants who successfully completed the requirements will be rewarded with a special-edition Hacktoberfest T-shirt 👕 or a tree planted in your name. 🌴

Participating in Hacktoberfest is one of our approaches to raise awareness and encourage more developers or technical writers to contribute to open source. We welcome both code and non-code contributions, such as docs improvement, tutorials, and blog posts.

About Noteslify


We built Noteslify ( Github ) to focus privacy and be open-source for 100% transparency. We started this project about 2 months ago, and have come till here.

Contribute to Noteslify

If you're interested in contributing to Noteslify ( Github ), make sure you read the official guidelines about contributors,
pull requests, and spam.

To maintain a friendly environment for both maintainers and contributors, we put together extra recommendations to increase the chance that your pull requests get accepted:

  • Pay attention to or any contribution guidelines available.
  • Start with existing issues instead of inventing new ones. While new ideas are generally welcomed, they don't always fit the project roadmap.
  • Filter issues with good first issues or help wanted tags if you're new to the projects.
  • Avoid commenting on all the available issues but those you really plan to work on, so you can leave some opportunities to other contributors.
  • Our maintainers will review your pull requests, please make sure you address all the comments before asking for another review.

Happy Coding!!!

Thank You for reading till here. Meanwhile you can check out our other blog posts and visit our Github.

Last but not least, star our GitHub repo if you haven't!

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