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Discussion on: How to Build a Site Quickly If You Are Not a Web Developer: AWS + Google Sheets + Python + Bootstrap ⚡⚡

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

Great initiative!

Where did you host Jinja?

Did you interact with Google sheets API from the backend in python to fill the Jinja template before rendering or in the front-end using JavaScript?

Also, how long did it take you to get everything up and running?

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Dylan Author • Edited on

Thanks Renato!

As it is only a static page, I don't really host Jinja anywhere. I have a local CLI tool that gets the data using the Google Sheets API, builds the new site, and deploys to AWS (upload data to S3, clear Cloudfront cache).

At some point, I was thinking on having a Lambda function that would check for changes in the sheet and automatically build and deploy the site if that was the case. However, I did not feel it was worth the time, in the end.

To get the first version, I would say between 2-4 hours I think.