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Discussion on: I feel worthless when I'm unproductive

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Renato Byrro

I think healthy work activity is a great remedy for boredom. Too much leisure, Netflix and social media can be as damaging to our mind as too much work.

In my personal experience, my "mind schedule" almost never follow external conventions. Some Wednesdays feel like I need a break. Some Saturdays create sparks that drive productive work activities and thoughts.

What I do is not punish myself for not following weekdays conventions. What's the matter about working on a Saturday and resting on a Wednesday? Who called it these names in the first place?

Of course, I'd I have a due date or meeting scheduled on Wednesday, I'm professional, responsible and disciplined enough to attend it, regardless of my internal enthusiasm. But it's a minority of cases...

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I'm not sure why I decided to follow weekday conventions in the period of time where I can decide to do my own thing and listen to my body. Definitely considering giving myself an x amount of rest days instead of forcing myself to keep going when I'm obviously not as productive because my body tired.