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Discussion on: What to do if my current workplace doesn't allow me to do what I want in my free time?

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Renato Byrro

I was thinking more about profanity, obscenity, getting involved in violent extremist groups, or the like. I wouldn't want an employee contributing to web apps related to KKK, Antifa or anything violent such as. But that's more about whether the person fits the company culture or not.

Although I get your point of view, I still don't think it should be grounds to limit what an employee can or cannot do in their free time.

What the company could state in their contract is: "You agree that we can monitor your public projects and contributions to open-source. The code contributed publicly can be used to assess your performance and continuity of the contract with Company XYZ".

That would be reasonable and acceptable.

Becoming a toll to proactively limit what the person can/cannot do is unacceptable. An employer is hiring hours of his time, not his life or free will.