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Discussion on: What I Learned from a 20-year-old Book on Web Design

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Renato Byrro

Hi! Very good article!

I would think a site targeting the average web user is a B2C site... I'm curious what is the concept of a B2C site to you?

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Gabriel Romualdo Author • Edited on

Clumsy mistake, sorry. I mistook B2C for B2B. Will edit the comment now.

— Gabriel

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Renato Byrro • Edited on

Ah, makes sense! I had this view as well until very recently.

I worked on a B2B application for ~2 years. Users have a technical and analytical job. But yet I've seen the same patterns of B2C ("don't make me think").

UX is equally important to B2B and B2C users, I consider now.

May sound obvious, but all users are people, regardless of acting on their own or on behalf of a corporation.