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Discussion on: How I Fixed JWT Security Flaws in 3 Steps

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Renato Byrro Author

Hey Vladimir, I like this definition, by Wassim Chegham:

A Developer Advocate "helps developers be successful with a platform or a technology. A Developer Advocate's role is also to act as a bridge between the engineering team and the developer community. Their job is to give feedback to both parties, equally, in both ways".

Nowadays it's also commonly referred to as "Developer Relations".

You'll also see "Technology Evangelist". I particularly dislike this title, because evangelism is about converting someone into a faith, which is a disservice in the tech world - not questioning other's beliefs, just think faith-based decisions are dangerous in tech.

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Vladimir Nikolic

Gotcha. Personally i think there is a way too many titles nowadays and hard to follow up all of them. People just get with some title and it goes viral. Take this as example, so we have at least 3 titles for the same thing :) Is it that team lead as well? Well, however, i appreciate the time to reply to my question :) All the best!

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Renato Byrro Author

I agree, we need simplification and clarification of concepts.

The Tech Lead role is geared towards internal stuff within a company/project. There is relations to it, but internally.

Involves some level of:

  • System & code architecture
  • Team & project management (more team than project, I believe)
  • Software quality
  • Code review
  • Defining development standards
  • More on that avenue...