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Boy, that scares the hush out of me.

Think about repercussions.

A constant state of being in big brother.

Trivialization of indiscretion and exposure of intimacy, individual habits.

Pause for a moment.

Think about your kids.

Is that the "algorithm" you want them to run their life on?

Think about it. Think about it...

Read (or watch, if you will) about what the Chinese communist party has been doing to people in China with this very same technology.

Not critiquing, just a friendly heads up from a father concerned with what we're leaving for future generations.

Pause and think. Do you really want to be part of that?


I think there is a lot of ethical considerations behind it.
This kind of algorithm is everywhere on the internet. The usage is not in my hands and I didn't invent anything.

If we are talking about child rapt, everybody will see the problem in an other side, if we are talking about automate attendance record in classroom, this is just saving some time to the teacher to have the exact same result it's again an other problem.

The usage of the technologie is our responsibility and everyone have to be carefull with the usage of it.

I think the debate about it is really important! and educate people about thoses algorithm and the consequences is import too!

But yes, I agree this can be scared, and when I saw how easy this is to made a system like this, I thought that we need to educate childs and teenager about the risk and the benefits. And that's something that I target everyday.


I see where you come from and I can relate to your standpoint.

A common analogy would be cars. They can be used for evil. But no sane mind would advocate for prohibiting cars because of that.

Because benign usage of cars staggeringly outweighs malign ones.

My personal view is that face recognition technology does not share the same balance.

It's not scifi, it's happening. Face recognition is being used to crack down on innocent people, at the heart of unprecedented oppression engines.

Yes, every technologie can be used for the evil, but it can also save lifes.

Face recognition is also used to track thiefs. But yeah, as citizen we have to be aware about how this kind of stuff is used.

Fair enough! 👏

Thanks for the patience in the dialogue, I can get a bit passionate about this particular topic. 😊 👍

You're welcome, thank you too.
This is a topic that deserve debate! It's important:)

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